As you have probably already seen or heard about, Margaret River is one of the most picturesque locations in Western Australia. Not only because of its beautiful beaches, caves and wineries, but because Margaret River brings people together. It is a place of fun, love and happiness.

When creating memories in Margaret River, being in “the moment” is important, however we can still immerse ourselves in the beauty of Margaret River whilst simultaneously grabbing a quick photo!

Here are some tip top locations to grab that 10/10 happy snap to show the kids, work colleagues, family members or even to frame and display in your home. 

1. Busselton Jetty. On your way down to Margaret River, you simply can’t miss the world renowned Busselton Jetty. If you head down in the morning, the water is calm, glassy and ideal for your perfect picture. If you’re super early, you might be one of the only people on the jetty, so a tripod may come in handy!

2. Meelup Beach. Located near Dunsborough, Meelup is a stunning beach full of white sand, pure blue water and lush green grass. Perfect for snorkelling, stand up paddle boarding or just a chilled day sitting on the grass with a picnic and great company. 

3. Canal Rocks. Due to the ocean constantly smashing into the granite of the coastline, a channel has been formed in the middle of the rocks, which is absolutely mesmerising! A walkway provides access to phenomenal views of the roaring Indian Ocean. Don’t forget your bathers or snorkels! And a  group pic is a must!

4. Surfers Point, Prevelly. As the name suggests, surfers point is made for the surfers. It’s a great spot for the spectators too! The tiered grassy areas make it a perfect spot for a picnic and photo opportunity. There are always surfers down on the water, keeping you entertained.

5. Boranup Karri Forest. With Karri trees reaching over 60 metres and a forest floor full of gorgeous wildflowers, the Boranup Forest is a must see. Located along the famous Caves Road, it’s easy to park up and photograph away. If you own a drone, you’ll most definitely want to bring it along!

So there we have it! You don’t need an expensive camera or equipment to take a great snap. An iPhone will do the trick just fine. Keep in mind lighting, composition and of course your signature poses, you’ll be sure to take your ideal happy snap. 

If you’re heading down to Margaret River, why not visit us? We’d love to see you!

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